jueves, 24 de agosto de 2017


Tras haber llegado al final de la historia de Hellboy, Mignola se anima ahora a llevar a su conclusión las tramas de su principal spin-off, el B.P.R.D., su peculiar "supergrupo"...

Yes, the very end. It’s something you do after a while.

I’m not saying that it’s coming soon, but I’ve had an idea for it for years now and I wanted to put it on paper.

The stories we’re doing now are building towards the end, and Scott Allie and I agreed that we needed to nail down the actual end so that we can work backwards. If we finalize where it’s going, we know how to pace it out. I want to make sure everything leads up to the end – all these plotlines converge neatly.

I’ve had the ending in broad strokes for years, but it’s one of those things – I’m going to sleep easier knowing exactly how it will work.

Nada de lo que preocuparse, por que el HELLBOYVERSE sigue creciendo con nuevos personajes e historias, presentes y pasadas.

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